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Frage zum ersten Geocache

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Hallo, ich würde nun gerne meinen ersten Cache selbst legen. Unklar ist mir nur noch, wen oder ob überhaupt ich jemanden fragen muss, wenn ich zum Beispiel einen Nano an ein Straßenschild anbringe, oder eine Filmdose an eine Leitplanke oder Parkbank. Wie verhält sich das im öffentlichen Bereich? Besten Dank schon einmal.

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We've asked for permission on every cache placed.    :)

We don't bother with street sign or guardrail hides because we know that few, if any, local governments would (really) allow them there.

 - That might be different where you are...

The "public sector" is anywhere that the public is allowed , but controlled by government.  A park is public sector...

I've included the Geocaching Regional Policies wiki, for Germany, in case that may help a bit.

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Around here, many parks and open spaces are covered by an official geocaching policy published by the parks department or open space district. As long as you comply with the requirements in their policy (which will be more restrictive than Groundspeak's guidelines in some ways), you have permission. If you don't, you don't.


If a park doesn't have a geocaching policy, then I contact the parks department. But I do not ask for permission. Instead, I ask for the person I should contact who can give permission.


For the caches I've placed on private property, I've contacted the person in charge of the property in person. But that doesn't sound like the situation here.

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By the Geocaching hiding guidelines,  it says:


By submitting a cache page, you agree that you have all necessary permissions from the landowner or land manager to hide your geocache at that location.

If we receive complaints or become aware that a cache is in an inappropriate location, even if not prohibited by law, it may be disabled or archived.

  • Public
    • In the case of public property, you must get permission from the agency or association that manages the land. As the cache owner, you are responsible for determining who to contact to get permission.
    • Even if you are certain that geocaching is permitted on particular public property, make sure that you follow any requirements established by the landowner or land management agency before you place the cache.
    • As community volunteer reviewers become aware of geocache placement policies for a certain location, they may add them to the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki.   (Which I supplied in the earlier post).
  • Private
    • If you have permission to place a geocache on private property, indicate this on the cache page for the benefit of the reviewer and those seeking the cache. A community volunteer may ask you to provide contact information of the person giving permission.

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Hallo Fledermaus,


wenn du im internationalen Teil des Forums postest, solltest du die englische Sprache benutzen.

Du kannst auch im (etwas kleineren) deutschsprachigen Forum posten: https://forums.geocaching.com/GC/index.php?/forum/148-german-speaking-forum-deutschsprachiges-forum

Genau dafür sind die länderspezifischen Foren ja da, dort wirst du auch Antworten bekommen, wenn auch nicht ganz so viel los ist wie im allgemeinen Teil.


Herzliche Grüße aus dem Süden (Baden-Württemberg)



@all: Sorry for the German language, I just explained the original poster to use the German speaking forum part if she/he wants to use the German language.

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