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What's the lowest effort cache you've ever found? Here's mine.

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On 6/15/2020 at 7:51 PM, L0ne.R said:


I agree on your points:

  • No indication it is a cache.
  • Looks like another piece of trash among trash at ground zero. 
  • Tossed into the bushes with appartently little consideration for location or hide, when there is a better location nearby. 
  • 20-30m away from posted coordinates.


I found one of these recently. Just a paper in a box, not very well hidden. It turned out to be a mystery final.

But I find that rather common, mystery finals that are anonymous, and the log can be just a piece of paper with no markings. I can understand why, if you can't tell what mystery final you found then you need to solve it to be sure. Big risk to be tossed as trash though so I would advise something to identify it as a cache.

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15 hours ago, HunterandSamuel said:


I love this question! A Ziploc baggie in a guard rail at a rest stop in New Jersey They didn't want the usual GR cache they said in their description. I certainly wasn't expecting a baggie.  lol  


Although the magnetic key holder (MKH) is the ubiquitous container for guard rail hides there seems to be quite a variety, which generally means it's going to require some effort to find.  I've seen nano caches, including containers made of duct tape, to small lock-n-locks.

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