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Need suggestions for a good existing Louisiana cache


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I need suggestions for a cache that that would be moderately challenging, but fairly close to I-10/12 as we drive across Louisiana. (ideally within 10-20 miles of the interstate)


A few weeks ago, I picked up a special cache from OK called the 50 states cache. It is supposed to be placed in an existing cache in each state, BUT only once per state.


I'd like to place it in Louisiana, since it hasn't been there yet, but I'm not familiar with the area. So, I'd appreciate any suggestions for a good temporary home for it.


Ideal features:

1) Close to the interstate - 10-20 miles. Important for us & increases chances for someone travelling to another state to pick it up & bring it there.

2) Moderately challenging - 3/3 or so.

3) Traditional cache - needs to accomodate a 3x3x4 inch "cache", so Altoids tins won't work.


Here's the url to the 50 States Cache:



I'll post here as soon as I've placed it! Thanks for any tips, and I hope someone from here can go claim it! icon_smile.gif


- Sue

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Might I suggest one of my caches:


Remains of the Day (LAGG-2) (2.5/2)


It may be only a 2.5/2, but it's apparently significantly challenging enough for your tastes. It's pretty close to the Highland Road exit of I-10 (exit 166), and it's in an ammo can. If you tell me when you're coming, I'll be sure to do maintenance on it to ensure it can accomodate the item (even if it requires a temporary owner-plunder; I'll reload the stuff afterward).


I routinely go to Georgia, a state that has not been visited by the cache as of yet, and I would be delighted to give it a lift. I'm sure one of the GGA members over there can help it continue, as well. I'll be heading out to a CITO event in Georgia in a couple weeks, but if you can't make it here before that window, I go there quite often, it seems.


Anyway, I'd be delighted if you'd choose to use my cache (and me) to further the cache's travels. (Incidentally, I can provide an e-mail address and phone number to help coordinate the drop and grab if it would help.)


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Hehe... Yeah, Cane Island is a good cache, too. A bit more effort than Remains, but I paddled past a live gator going past the island. (I have the inflatable canoe I've used for this and many other caches, in case you decide to go to the island and you need a lift.)


Anyway, whichever cache you choose, I'd be delighted to coordinate so the item can continue its trip to Georgia and beyond. (I've given travel bugs huge trips before -- thousands of miles, even -- and I'd be honored to help it along... plus, it'd get publicity in the official geocaching chat, the GGA, and with the Watcher groupies. icon_biggrin.gif)


Incidentally, rpecot, do you think it's time to start planning the fall campout yet?


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I'll be driving through this Saturday.


Although I enjoy canoeing, I currently live in El Paso, and so have not had much use for a canoe icon_smile.gif The Rio Grande is actually more like the Rio Pequeño by us... On this trip, my husband & I are driving from East of Houston to Palm Beach in 2 days, and so can't spend a whole lot of time hiding this, but do want to get it on its way since we've had it almost a month. So I think I'll have to pass on the Cane Island cache, but will definitely keep it in mind for a future trip - it sounds like fun.


I'll check out all the suggestions posted by Friday night, and then let ya'll know where I've placed it Saturday night, assuming I can get my 'puter & modem to cooperate. Thanks for the great ideas.


- Sue

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