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Self Service Coin Operated Laundromats Voting

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I canceled the peer review voting. The first vote was canceled by the leader. A new vote was started soon after that. This is confusing to players. If they don't realize that this happened, many wouldn't vote again. -> Hobo Larry: Give it some time to send it to peer review again. Thanks.

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There have been times when our washer broke and we needed to use a laundromat! There are not many around where I live. 

I discovered this week that banks can't give you coins (shortage), so if you need quarters for the laundromat, you're out of luck!.

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Personally, I don't find these interesting and informative and I feel many others in the community feel the same. I believe the Waymarking admins have encouraged the community to 'retire' commercial businesses (either Ma and Pa or retail chains) and focus on those sites and structures that are more interesting and provide some educational/informative value.

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This has been an ongoing discussion for many years when commercial businesses began to fall out of favour.  I am a leader in a certain number of these and failed once to get another one voted through. I accept that these have fallen out of fashion and in fact I mostly no longer actively contribute waymarks to them, but I am not bothered by their existence and based on submissions, others do enjoy them.  As a reminder, the Waymarking site allows users to hide categories (which I have often used especially for the benchmark categories).  Because of this feature, I have mostly taken an open position on the existence of these categories.

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