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Wherigo Android?

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Wherigo doesn't seem to be Android friendly, but it may just be that I'm not tech savvy.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ (which updated last night) and can't find Wherigo in the Google Play store. Instead, I found and downloaded WhereYouGo, which appears to be the only similar thing available (but it's not a Groundspeak product). There appears to be no option to log in on WhereYouGo, though. I went to download a cartridge from my phone and my phone gave me the option to open it with WhereYouGo, but I got an error message when I used that option. When I tried to use Chrome browser to download, I had to choose a device, and mine is not listed.


I have a Garmin eTrex, but that's not compatible either.


Can I use Wherigo with my phone? Or am I out of luck?

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There is no Wherigo app from Groundspeak and I doubt there will ever be one.


Before you can use the WhereYouGo app you must enter your login and password:

* Start the WhereYouGo app and go to Setup.

* The second option allows you to enter you login and password.

* From now on you can download Wherigo cartridges to your phone.


When downloading from Chrome (or any other browser), use the Pocket PC version.


And no, the eTrex is not compatible. Since Garmin stopped supporting Wherigo years ago, there is no current model which supports it.

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