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Rooftop Gardens

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I've got a great idea - Let's put out a new category in peer review on a US holiday weekend so that hardly any US waymarkers can look at it!  Nice.
It's also another great idea to never have had it discussed in the forums.  
You aren't really requiring photos - you're saying screengrabs are okay.  This is a violation of Groundspeak terms of service if those "screengrabs" happen to belong to someone else on another platform like Facebook, Twitter, etc., where the original photographer and the platform hold a copyright.  You have to agree to terms of service for each waymark you post and violating that terms of service can get the waymarker who "screengrabs" the picture of the rooftop garden in trouble with Groundspeak and with the copyright holder.

 Groundspeak Terms of Service   You agree not to:  
"viii - Upload, post, transmit, or otherwise distribute any content that infringes any patent, trademark, trade secret, copyright or other intellectual property, or proprietary rights of any person, including without limitation under any privacy or publicity rights.
xi - Violate any applicable local, state, national, or international law.

How are people supposed to visit these, especially if they are private rooftop gardens?     There is no mention of this in the writeup?
What kind of long description are you requiring?  Where does one get the coordinates for the garden, especially for a private one that they cannot physically visit, but can only take a picture from afar?
What about trespassing and voyeur laws, especially for these private gardens where you would be taking photo from locations outside the garden? If you are shooting from another location, you could be violating privacy laws, which I know for a fact a very strict in California and are very strict in Europe.  With that said, that would be a violation of, again, Terms of Service 11. 
You also speak of playgrounds - why both?  Again, people who own these are going to have SERIOUS issues of people taking long range photos of their kids on a private playground.  

This category isn't well thought-out; it is not well written-out; and frankly, and it definitely has the possibility of being downright illegal.  This is why you should always bring these new category ideas to the Forums first.  

Talk to me on the above, clear up the concerns.  There is a hole where this category might fill, possibly, but how can you document these without violating the owners privacy and, just as importantly, how could someone visit these waymarks?

I have published the above as my response in peer review.

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Well, crap, you closet anarchist, you. :) I decided this thread needed at least a singular response.

Problem is, I don't have one. Don't think I'm likely to think of one, Don't think I ever will.

It does, however, very tangentially touch on a couple of the failings being experienced within your country as we speak.


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