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Great Scott!

Memory Lane Spring Promotion

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On 5/23/2020 at 12:15 AM, Great Scott! said:

So what was the Memory Lane promotion supposed to be?


It's still in the works, just postponed.



Memory Lane FAQs:

What are the five souvenirs I can earn?

  1. First geocache hidden: 10 points
  2. First geocoin: 50 points
  3. First Mega-Event: 100 points
  4. First million geocaches hidden: 150 points
  5. 20 years of geocaching: 200 points

How can I earn points?


The maximum number of points you can earn for any cache log is 10 points.

How do I participate?

From June 1, 2020 through January 3, 2021, collect points by logging geocaches. Earn up to five new souvenirs by collecting 200 points during the promotion period.


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Nice to see they are doing something to keep the 'idea' of geocaching active whether a region is open for easy geocaching activity or still locked down. Until January means most everyone should have a chance to earn these.


I'd love if the 'lane' would continue long past the 200 points though, even if there aren't additional souvenirs. ... although that's pretty much just re-depicting the leaderboard at that point anyway. heh

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