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Dear fellow cachers,


[it might be that this topic is opened twice because of some technical difficulties on my side]


First I have to apologize that I write in English in this forum. But my lack of knowledge of the Spanish language is the very reason to post here.

A good cacher friend of mine celebrates her birthday in the second half of June. She is learning the Spanisch language right now and is very excited about it. We would like to give her a T-Shirt on her birthday with a Spanish sentence printed on it. It is based on Descartes' Cogito ergo sum: "I cache therefore I am" (in German: Ich cache also bin ich).

How would you translate this sentence to Spanish? From what I understand so far the English "to cache" can not be translated to Spanish directly as we do it in German.

Any help would be most appreciated!


As you may guess the online translation bots are of no help because of the verb "to cache" which they don't know.


All the best from Switzerland




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"Cogito ergo sum" significa en castellano "Pienso, luego existo", también podría ser "Pienso, pues existo" o  "Pienso, por lo tanto existo"

Llevándolo al mundo del geocaching, podría ser "Geocacheo, luego existo", o "Geocacheo, luego vivo".

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The translation of the verb "To cache", in spanish, maybe "geocachear".


So, I vote for this translation: "Geocacheo, luego existo".





La traducción del verbo "to cache", en español podría ser "geocachear".


Así pues, voto por esta traducción: "Geocacheo, luego existo".



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You won't be able to find "Geocachear" in a spanish dictionary. And muggles won't understand it (in the same way that they don't know what "geocaching" is).

But "geocachear" is a word that geocachers usually use and understand.

Even you can find it in the official geocaching blog in spanish: 


"Cinco formas de geocachear y viajar con poco presupuesto" 





No podrás escontrar "Geocachear" en un diccionario español. Y los muggles no lo entenderán (de la misma manera que ellos no entienden qué es el geocaching).

Pero "geocachear" es una palabra que los geocachers usualmente usan y entienden.

Incluso puedes encontrarla en el blog oficial de geocaching en español:


"Cinco formas de geocachear y viajar con poco presupuesto" 



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Creo que la traducción-interpretación de Cavernario es perfecta, así como la elección de GeoQuixote.

Yo apuesto por esa misma y puede ser un guiño a ese amigo que se inicia en el estudio de lengua castellana.

Además la forma verbal "geocacheo" le supondrá conjugar un verbo que como ya han dicho no aparece en los diccionarios pero es de uso común en nuestro mundillo.


¡Un buen regalo voigtlaender!

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On 5/21/2020 at 12:19 PM, Picarax said:

Hi voigtlaender


Be careful. You wrote it wrongly:


The correct is: "Geocacheo, luego existo."


And I agree with my colleagues. We use geocacher a lot. Or maybe "Hacer geocaching" But geocachear is perfect.

Thank you so much, Picarax, for pointing this out!

It is always a bit difficult to work with a foreign language.

Again, thank you (all).

Happy caching

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