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How long should a review take?

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Hello, and welcome to geocaching!  You successfully submitted your cache for review on 10 May.  Good news - cache publications in England are spinning up again after being on hold due to COVID-19.  There may be a bit of a delay in getting to your cache due to the accumulated backlog.


In normal times, the service goal for an initial review is seven days from submission.  Most of the time, you will hear from a local Community Volunteer Reviewer much more quickly than that.

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21 minutes ago, TeamRabbitRun said:
1 hour ago, TmdAndGG said:

This thread seems to have become people reporting the status of a cache;).

No, it;s just a celebration of and encouragement for a new CO's first hide. Nuthin' wrong with an attaboy, is there?

Nope, just saying.:)


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Thank you to everyone for replying.


My children love this idea, and it gets us all out and about in the great outdoors.


My cache has now been successfully reviewed.


Kind regards, PBW99

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I mistakenly put "find" instead of "cache" in line 3.
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if this is an important place for your children why don't you tell something about it in the listing? Isn't there more to tell as

A good find for young children to discover. Swap and share the finds as you wish.

Talk about the place, why is it special to you!? That's some part of the spirit of a geocache and with a good listing (you might even add pictures) you might get better logs than the FTF log....

Without a listing this cache might look as a statistics point ("+1") and I think it is much more than that to you. Tell us!  You can still edit the listing.


Have fun with your cache!


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On 5/13/2020 at 5:05 AM, paperbackwriter99 said:



Brand new to all this. 2 finds, 1 hide. But how long should a review take? I hid the cache on the 9th of May.



Have patience. I feel for you. When I first did my first hide, I thought it would be immediately approved! lol It took a week or two. 

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