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filtering cartridges on Wherigo.com

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On Wherigo.com site, by uploading a cartridge, we have the option "Make the GWZ file downloadable" in the creative common settings.

However, on the way back, how can we search for such cartridges on the site ?


Further more, I can't find any way to search for a cartridge by filtering on a word on the name or description



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There isn't a way to search by open source cartridges.  Such a search criteria had never been added.


I would have suggested you use the site's keyword search, but it was producing errors this morning.


The Wherigo listing site was created back in 2006 or 2007 and has only been updated for certain reasons (e.g. how logging in was changed in the back end, the cookie notice).  I would not expect any future updates.

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If your favorite search engine offers this option, you can try to ask for these two parameters:

  1. Restrict answers to "www.Wherigo.com" website.
  2. Show only links to pages including the "downoad source" sentence.

With Google search engine, you can achieve this by 1. using the "site:" keyword and 2. write the sentence between quotes. Like this:


This should be the corresponding URL: https://www.google.com/search?q="download+source"+site%3Awww.Wherigo.com



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