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New Search Country/State/Province ordering problems

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I have been playing with the new search screens recently while holed up at home. I have 2 issues with the Limit Search To.... list box.

1. The ordering is reverse alpha numeric.  This is counter intuitive all similar lists on the internet are sorted in alpha numeric order.

2. If I do a partial search e.g. United then ordering is lost and becomes random, this should maintain alphabetic order.

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Posted (edited)

1. I never noticed this, it is an oddity, but at least there is an order....


2. Wow, I hadn't noticed that "United" was an option, ie you can actually do a search for webcams in United States, or United Kingdom. Dang.  

I see what you mean in that if you just enter United, the pull down list order is pretty funky.   Mostly though people are going to select United States or United Kingdom , which are at the top.

The few who really want United Arab Emirates are in  for some rather odd scrolling, but I bet they figure it out after the first time - though I could work it out and then forget it, not just once either ;-) 


Reverse alpha numeric order  also appears on your unpublished caches old profile - caches listed by title. I can't discern the order of unpublished on new profile. I just offer this because I happened to  know it. 


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