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46 minutes ago, elyob said:


Before Waymarking was invented, even before geocaching was invented, my play time outdoors was identifying mysterious rail locations.  If your research fails this summer, you know who to ask for assistance.

I will definitely take that under advisement, but in no way should you take that to mean that I will ever disclose the location of "My Abandoned Depot".


BTW, what are your specific qualifications, vis a vis, rail locations? Mine are sparse - those I've had to acquire in the Waymarking game.


I'm gonna give you, a self professed RR aficionado and amateur historian, a hint: GNR



NO, as I recall, you're pretty much a professional historian. Does that extend to railways, as well?

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2 minutes ago, T0SHEA said:

Do you really want to play this game? Gimme an N second letter gimme an O

No, was just sitting here reading other stuff waiting for folks to post on the forum.

BTW, the second letter of the second word IS "O". Mebbe I shouldn't have said that...


...Mebbe we shouldn't give Boyle too much ammunition.

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21 minutes ago, ScroogieII said:

...Mebbe we shouldn't give Boyle too much ammunition.


What, you do not want me to continue?


Convinced, I do know. How could I not know? :D


How about Whitefish, Montana. I could always post the link.

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