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API result error in 'Verify Final Coordinates'

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There is a problem in this new function. As an example I refer to the following mystery: [GC Code removed by moderator]

The checker uses the coordinates in format decimal minutes (i.e N 51° 18.035  E 1° 16.456, this is the solution the checker accepts -> green !).

Convert it to degrees in decimal format, you get: N51.300583 E1.274267

If I use this solution with the new API function, the result is a red checker.

If I use N51.300584 E1.274268 for the checker, the reult is correct (green).


Two possibilities:

1. the checker also accepts solutions that may vary by '1' in the 6th decimal place (0.000001)

2. the internal solution in the database is rounded correctly from the decimal minutes input format to decimal degrees.

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