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Selling older unactivated geocoins

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Hi All!

I’ve been geocaching since 2010 (superslothsonya), and earlier on was definitely into buying/collecting geocoins – but less so these days.  Looking at downsizing my coin collection – have some older unactivated coins potentially to sell (see list and pictures below) – thought I would post here to gauge levels of interest and possibly work something out from there!  Located in Australia, so keep in mind international postage can be somewhat expensive (around ~$25aud for small, tracked package to USA/europe), otherwise within Australia is about $9aud.  Happy to provide additional photos by request.  To see my activated geocoins (open to sale of these also) – please visit my profile page on geocaching.com

Cheers, Sonya

Photos - https://imgur.com/gallery/oTgCubu

Unactivated Geocoins List

  •        10 Years of Geocaching – complete set of 9 coins (4 QR code coins, 5 Groundspeak edition coins - https://geocoins.biz/geo/coins/10_years_of_geocaching_geocoin.html)
  • ·        Tsunrisebey Native Pegasus Geocoins 2010 – Freedom for All (blue, nickel), Spirit of the Ancestors (brown, copper),  Dreamtime (green, shiny gold) - https://wiki.ssoca.eu/Native_Pegasus_Geocoin
  • ·        Tsunrisebey Pax Baby Dragon Geocoins 2010 – Lil’ Fire-Breather (red, silver), Lil’ Hiccup (purple, silver) and Lil’ Glow (shiny gold, glow) - https://wiki.ssoca.eu/Baby_Dragon_Cache_Slayer_Geocoin
  • ·        Eqyptian Lotus Geocoins – Aten gold, Nepthys shiny nickel, Osiris antique gold, Set shiny copper (note: some tarnishing), Duat black nickel
  • ·        The Moon Geocoin – satin gold
  • ·        Chocolate Bunny Bitten Ears + Chocolate Bunny Bitten Tail Geocoins
  • ·        Bunch of Balloons Geocoin – rainbow (+ trackable copy tag – single red balloon)
  • ·        Geocookie Geocoin (+ trackable copy tag) (note – small amount of metal wear on back of coin)
  • ·        Morpho Butterfly 2010 – beauty blue (nickel)
  • ·        Wisconsin “The Badge State” Spinner Geocoin
  • ·        2013 Year of Adventure Geocoin (no copy tag)
  • ·        Blazing Sun Micro geocoin (shiny gold)
  • ·        Europe Micro geocoin (shiny gold)
  • ·        Podcachers 2007 Geocoin – *coin autographed by Sonny and Sandy
  • ·        Hyacinth Macaw Geocoin
  • ·        WWFM 2013 Geocoin – glow
  • ·        12-12-12 Multievent Geocoin; geoswag – rainbow/glow
  • ·        Earthcache Petrified Wood Geocoin – polished+antique silver
  • ·        Geocaching NSW 2010 geocoin
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