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GeoCaching Gear in Raleigh, NC?

Luggage & Leather
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As an owner of a retail store in Raleigh, NC and someone who enjoys Geocaching, I was thinking of bringing in some of the geocaching gear to my store. Stuff like Travel Bugs and stickers. No T-Shirts since I don't want to stock clothing. No GPS's because my wife would kill me and my store wouldn't be the place most folks would look for them (but I could test out which is best honey!). Part of this is so I'll be able to get the items locally for myself icon_biggrin.gif. Would anyone be interested, or is buying them off the website good enough? Any special items you want me to stock?

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Yep, that's me. I'm trying to figure out which things to bring into the store. My wife vetoed GPS's! But thought I might try TB's, and stickers, and if there's any interest in some of the other stuff like the compass or anything. Plus it'll give me a chance to visit with the local cachers since I have trouble going to any local gatherings. I'm still working out the details but will try to have it in by Christmas in case any needs to give someone a gift idea icon_wink.gif.

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Sorry but after talking to the folks who sell them, I couldn't offer them at the same price you can buy them for direct without losing money. Anyone willing to pay more just to pick it up locally icon_rolleyes.gif? Yeah, I sure wouldn't. Wish it would have worked out differently, but they have some different plans coming up and it may change soon so I'll let you know if I can get them.

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Although this is an old topic thought some may be interested. I recently bought a Garmin GPSMAP 60C and thought, "heck, if I bring them into the store I could get one at wholesale". :o I contacted Garmin and they told me I'd have to but at least $10,000 (wholesale) worth of their products, and sell at least $20,000 a year to bring them in. :o As a one store location if I could bring in another $20K a year I'd be very interested. :bad: But the chances of me selling that many GPSrs in my type of store is pretty slim. Sorry, :lol: thought I'd be able to offer some of the local geocachers some deals but it isn't likely to happen.

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I'm not from around here, I was just doing some research for a road trip and stumbled on this topic.


I'd say that the price that you'd have to add on to make a profit would be the same price that a person would have to pay Groundspeak for shipping, so it might work out for some people.


Hope this helps..

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