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Selling Some Geocoins

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I am selling some of my geocoins simply because I do not collect anymore.  Many of them are older coins, some are activated, some are not.  Most of those that are activated do not have any logs but have just been in my collection.  I am asking $10.00 a coin plus $2.00 shipping and handling for the first two coins and an additional .50 in shipping for additional coins.  Below is a list of what is for sale.  If you would like a picture, please try Googling first, and if nothing can be found, please ask and I will provide a pic.  US buyers only please.  Thanks for looking!


2008 Tadpole

Applewomyn (red)

Bahama Starfish

Blue Morpho Butterfly (hinged)

Cache Critters – Baa

Cache Critters -- Moo


Cacher Tags (red, purple, blue)

Cachin’ Crow 2008

Geo-achievement 1000 Finds (with matching pin)

Geocoin and Pin Club May 2008 Ladybugs

Geopuppy 2008 (multicolored collar)

Geopuppy 2008 (Red/Silver Glitter Collar)


Happy Eastern 2009

Jukebox Memories

Kansas Sunshine


Lettuce Go Caching

Lil’ Dorkfishs

Look Twice Save a Life - bicycle

Malachite Butterfly (with matching magnet)

Monarch Butterfly

Monarch Butterfly (with matching magnet)

Moustik 2007

Nolefan and KimbyJ Just Married

Pink Piggy Bank


Pond Frog

Puffin My Way to the Next Cache

Saskatchewan – Land of the Living Skies


Tiger Swallowtail (with matching magnet)


Tiki Stomp Event 2008

Tippecanoe and Wanna Too – Adventures in Geocaching Vol. 1

Tree Frog

White Butterfly


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