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Florida caches?

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We're going to be visiting Florida in September and would like to find a few caches while there. We will be near Sarasota but also plan on visiting Myakka River State Park, Busch Gardens, and the Everglades (probably no further south than US 41). I know I could do a search but was wondering if any of you had recommendations for really scenic or otherwise *special* caches. We're not really into virtuals but would probably find one if we were right in the area. It would have to be something that could be found in a few hours since we'll be on somewhat of a time schedule. Hiking is good!


Also, we have wondered about the danger during geocaching from alligators (or is it crocodiles?). This is probably a laughable, typical tourist type question for all you native Floridians but since we have 3 small children, it is something we've considered. We'd really like to come home with all of them! icon_smile.gif


Thanks in advance for any recommendations and/or advice!


GeoMedic - team leader of GeoStars

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These should be good. I wouldn't worry about gators. I am more concerned about running or stepping on rattlesnakes and such, since they are more likely to be on a trail and can be easily missed. Gators really can't hide on a well worn trail without being spotted. If you see a gator, always near water, they are just as scared as you are and will run. This happened to me on a golf course once.








I am a personal fan of infosponge's caches. He puts a great deal of thought into them.




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I've checked out many (still working through the list of infosponge caches) and have started printing out those that are under serious consideration. I already see a problem, way too many great-sounding caches and too little time! icon_frown.gif


Even though our trip is still several weeks away, we are already getting excited about it. We travel every year and try to experience as much of the native/natural areas of the places we visit on each trip. Geocaching has added an interesting twist to that and we really appreciate the cache-placers that go out of their way to highlight interesting and often unappreciated areas of their state. I'll check back several times before we depart so please keep adding to the list!


Thanks again to those that have already given us caches to consider. icon_cool.gif


GeoMedic - team leader of GeoStars

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