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Groundspeak publishing new caches in the midst of statewide stay-at-home order

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It's late and I didn't get all the way through this but I thought I would add that the Washington State governor's order has an allowance for outdoor activity with social distancing.  I don't have time to look that up right now but I'm satisfied that geocaching in some areas meets the intent.  

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Adding to this, there’s a geocaching duo (same profile) nearby that almost all of their caches are in different series. Right now they’re running a COVID-19 series, since they’re school teachers and therefore have more time on their hands (what the top of the description says). I’ve gone out and gotten a STF on one of them, but other than that I haven’t gone for any of them

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Here in No. Central Ohio caches are still being published. Nothing urban or suburban. No LPC's or GRC's. Majority of Parks, State Parks are still open, although they have shut down some parking area's at trailheads and such in order to discourage large gatherings. They have implemented that some walking trails and pathways are one way. Meaning that if you start out on a, lets say, 5 mile loop you are doing 5 whether ya want to or not haha. I  can not really fathom how that can even be enforceable tho.


There are no real travel restrictions

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