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What about a Coronavirus TB?


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If the money went to research, it would be worth considering, and I have only those TBs which I have been given. I have never bought one, but I might reconsider if the money went to Covid research (or other science research), and I knew the percentage going to charity. All the trackables don't need to be the actual virus(although some could be). They could be other things, such as as rainbow stretching to the future, sunrise - hope, a new time emerges, a butterfly hatching; all sort of representative things of hope and renewal.

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I saw one that some artist made, but it is a fairly delicate thing and they made it find-able (anybody can share the code online).


At the moment, I don't know that a Covid-themed TB would generate much money, even if it was quite popular and 100% of proceeds went to research. As far as I'm aware, Australia has put up $123M to join in to Covax venture, plus about $20M or so into various universities and research facilities that are trying do develop vaccines. Assuming a production run of 1,000 sold at $25 each, that's only $25,000 - a drop in the ocean for research.


If the money went to some charitable organization, then they would certainly appreciate the donation.


Though my main argument against it would be to think how I would feel if someone near and dear to me had died due to Covid and I opened a cache and found a little Covid-themed TB that was "celebrating" the pandemic (not what it's doing, but it could be perceived that way). I know I wouldn't be happy, and I wouldn't wish that gut-punch on someone else.

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