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Update on Cache Publications in Ohio


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Dear Ohio Caching Community,


The Ohio Community Volunteer Reviewers would like to update the caching community - both cache owners and the folks searching - regarding changes in reviewing and publication practices as a result of COVID-19. The information presented here is accurate as of March 24. We expect it may change going forward, and we will update the Ohio section of the Regional Geocaching Policies Wiki accordingly. Our primary focus is to support the health and safety of the entire community, including cachers and non-cachers alike. We seek to comply with current and emerging information and requirements from health and government experts.


At this time, we will only be publishing caches in those locations which are consistent with social distancing, such as on hiking trails, and/or far from residential areas and businesses. We will not be publishing event caches, caches in or near residential areas, caches near businesses, or caches in locations known to us as officially closed. If we are unsure about a particular cache, we will not publish it. We realize this approach is imperfect, but we feel it is both consistent with Governor DeWine's “Stay Home” order (which makes an exception for visiting parks and open recreational spaces for physical exercise) and preferable to stopping all cache publication.


We will continue to monitor COVID-19 information and communication and will continue to revisit which caches we can publish. Our commitment to look at each cache within 7 days of submission has not changed, though it’s possible that something may change between a first look and when a cache is ready for publication.


Thank you for understanding, and stay well.


Backwoods Reviewer, Keystone, Mr. Ollivander, Texas Tornado and The Brigadier

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The Ohio Geocaching Policies wiki (linked in the first post) is now being updated as the Ohio Reviewers learn about park closures and restricted operating hours.  For example, Hocking Hills State Park is closed entirely, while most other State Parks remain open at this time.


If you visit a park or other recreational open space, and you see locked gates and/or signs explaining a closure or other restriction, please write to your friendly local Community Volunteer Reviewer for your part of Ohio.  Or, you can just post a reply to this thread.  We can then update the wiki so that everyone else will know.

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May 15, 2020 Confirmation of Practices for Cache Publications in Ohio


Although conditions are changing as Ohio re-opens, the "Stay Home" order still prohibits gatherings of more than 10 people, and has not been modified to permit unrestricted travel for any purpose.  Therefore, the practices adopted in March will remain in effect.

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Cache Publications Resume Statewide, Except for Events


With Governor DeWine's announcement on May 19th that the "Stay Home" order is lifted and replaced with the "Ohioans Protecting Ohioans" guidance, the Ohio Community Volunteer Reviewers are now publishing all caches that meet the Geocache Hiding Guidelines.  However, gatherings of more than 10 people are still prohibited, so we are still not publishing Event Caches of any type.


Thank you for understanding, and stay well.


Backwoods Reviewer, Keystone, Mr. Ollivander, Texas Tornado and The Brigadier

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