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How do the adventure credits work?


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I have one ALC published, and my credit now shows zero.  I can only assume that it showed 1 before I created my cache; and I really don't know at what point it was 'consumed'.


However, it would make sense for the credit to be reduced at the point you create an adventure - i.e. after the first save - and once it reaches zero, the option to create another disappears.  I don't see that the publication status would affect the credits.


Maybe you've conned HQ into giving you another. ;-)

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9 hours ago, tiniundheinz said:

NL Bokkie,


do you mind sharing the reply? Does it say anything about how to earn extra Adventure credits?


Yup, the credit is given to create an Adventure Lab. Once you set up a new Adventure with one location / waypoint the credit is lowered by 1. So if you got 1 Adventure Credit, the moment you start creating the Adventure Lab with a location it goes down to 0. Actually exactly like Crazedllama already mentioned.

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2 minutes ago, tiniundheinz said:

Thanks for your reply! I was just wondering if there is a way to actively EARN extra Adventure credits? Did it say anything about that?



No, nothing was mentioned on that in the builder. I got confused about losing one credit but then gaining another one from HQ.

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