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Clicking on map cache icon shuts off my gps units.

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I've been led here to report this quirk which I want to do in case HQ coders want to look into it.




During my "29 cache finds on the 29th" run I came to one specific cache, the next one on my route, and each time I clicked on that green treasure chest I would get the usual options page, i.e., the cache name and some street names.  In other words, the map wants to know which nearby feature I want to click on.  Choosing the cache name and hitting enter shuts off the gpsr.  Each time, every time and with two different gpsr units.  This does not happen if I click either of the two suggested street names.


This was the only cache out of the 29 that this happened for and it still happens today.


If I do a search-by-name for this cache it will get me into the cache page but when choosing some cache page options, like viewing logs, the units both shut off.  Viewing the cache page description does not seem to shut off the units.  


I don't know if this is something to do with gc.com or with the Garmin maps.


Cache:   https://www.geocaching.com/geocache/GC37PHB_view-of-the-mountain


Garmin 64s and Garmin 62s


64s: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2017.30

62s: Garmin City Navigator North America NT 2018.2


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My Oregon 750T has “CN North America NT 2017.30 ALL” (SD Card), I guess the same as yours.  I don't have “Enter” and I don't see streets when tapping the cache icon.  But I loaded the cache page GPX file and gave it a try.  I chose the cache icon from the map and tapped “Go”, and that worked, and I tried all the sections of the cache description. It seemed to work OK.  


Did you do anything special to set up your “route”, or did you load files in a way other than directly downloading them?

Not sure what else I could try, but at least in this case, nothing went wrong.

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