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Arkansas Geocachers

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Hi! We've just discovered geocaching - and love it already. Have looked for 3 and found 2. But we just got our GPS so are going back out to look. We can't tolerate defeat! We've just gotta get more caches around here though! Have found this whole geocaching group to be helpful and friendly to newbies! Forward - - more caches to be found!

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I'm from central Arkansas, but I have just discovered geocaching when I picked up a magazine the night before I left Egypt with the military. I have found 2 here near Ft. Carson and I will be returning with the Arkansas National Guard the 27th of July. Look for Egyptian pounds to appear every now and then in a cache.

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I am from Arkansas and currently live in Texas. I have been in the Army for almost 13 years and get a chance to visit other caches in different states. I would like to organize some groups to promote caching in Arkansas and thoroughly enjoy the sport. It teaches a good message for children and adults. I visit my family all the time who live near Devils Den State park in northwestern AR.

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I have benn using my GPS to log/map my 4 - wheeler trail riding for a year now. My riding buddy just bought a GPS last week and Monkey See Monkey Do I've been struck with the FEVER I'm having a ball, this has taught me to trust my gps even more and i have been using functions on it not needed before. I plan on placing several caches in my area, had one on the ground my second day.

Is this fun or what?


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After reading the messages here, and from the discussion in the hall after the State Parks meeting, it is clear to me we need an Arkansas Geocachers Association.


To promote this effort, I've created a yahoo group called ArkGeo for discussion of geocaching in Arkansas.


You can join the e-mail group by visiting this web site:



or by sending an e-mail to:




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A friend here at work sent me a link to The Arkansas Roadside Travelogue. Actually, the link he sent me was just for the World's Largest Trailer Mounted Bar-B-Que Grill, but a little site snooping revealed just how interesting Arkansas could be.


I think the Gateway Bunny is just screaming for a cache. icon_razz.gif And not a Virtual, either -- the thing is hollow...


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