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Broken souvenir image URL

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The URL for the Leap Day 2020 thumbnail seems to have suffered from the same recent issue that affected some user image uploads. The URL for this image is currently:


The extra "%3A443" stops it from displaying and will need to be removed.


While this is being fixed, there are also two Mega events happening tomorrow (Feb 29), so it might be a good idea to check the URLs for those souvenirs in case they have the same issue.


Edit to add: I just realized that the full-size souvenir image has the same problem.

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I just got the Leap Day souvenir & all I got was a box with a blob in one corner!  But glad to find it is not just me with what I take to be a glitch that is perhaps site wide.  Presume the techies out there will have to do a general fix for this - I would have no idea where to start fiddling around with URLs.  A Leap of Faith?  A Leap into the Unknown?

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21 minutes ago, steben6 said:

Obvious problem with the image, but mine is also showing that it was earned on 2/28.  I logged my cache on 2/29 (Leap Day).  No way to fix that?

That's an odd problem considering the entire purpose of the souvenir was for finds on February 29! That is a pretty design, though!  I hope they add the artist name back in.

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Yes, the Leap Day souvenir images have been fixed.


However, I see now that the CITO 2020 Season 1 souvenir has the same problem. Someone at HQ will need to do a search on the image database to find all of the broken URLs, because this clearly wasn't an isolated incident.

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