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Cartridge can no longer be compiled


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I made a few tweaks to an existing cartridge today and, when trying to compile, got the "You are attempting to upload an invalid GWZ file." error message.  I've since gone back to the original version (the one that currently exists on Wherigo.com) and that now generates the same error message.


Other cartridges that I have built are compiling just fine.  Does anyone have any ideas how I can debug this given the complete lack of any diagnostic information?  What are the common causes of this problem and why would a previously working Wherigo Cartridge no longer compile successfully?

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I've dropped you a note on the Geocaching Message Center with a link to the GWZ file.  Any help is hugely appreciated - I can't see any obvious problems and I'm not getting much usable information from the error message on Wherigo.com.


Strangely, the GWZ file will compile on the Wherigo foundation website (Test compiler) but won't compile via the Earwigo website or upload to Wherigo.com.

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For those curious, the compiler (I was using the compiler from Groundspeak's builder application) didn't seem to like that Earwigo put some functions at the top of the cartridge.  I moved everything down to the author script block and Groundspeak's compiler liked it.


However, things can't be that simple.  Groundspeak's Wherigo site's compiler did not like that cartridge.  So, what we have here might be a case of slightly different compilers.  Well, we learn something every day.


So, we have something like this:

zitemTarget.Commands = {
  Debug = Wherigo.ZCommand{Text="Debug", CmdWith=false, Enabled=false, EmptyTargetListText="Nothing available"},

So, within the Builder's compiler and WF compiler, this is valid.  The Wherigo site's compiler, however, seems to hate having a command titled "Debug".


I seem to remember something similar happening before in the forum, perhaps sometime around an October one or two years ago...

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I've confirmed that renaming the hidden "Debug" commands that I had in the cartridge to help me while I'm working on the cartridge has enabled me to upload a new version to the Wherigo website and also run the compiler in Earwigo.  This appeared to be allowed after I last changed the cartridge (Feburary 2017) but is now not compatible with the Wherigo site's compiler as Ranger Fox describes.

Would not have figured this out without you, Ranger Fox.  Thanks so much for your help.

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I had the following code in my Urwigo cartridge

function __LINE__()
   return debug.getinfo(2, 'l').currentline

and got the "You are attempting to upload an invalid GWZ file." error message.

The function wasn't being called anymore.  After removing the code I was able to upload the cartridge.
Thanks to Ranger Fox for the posting. :D

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