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oldest cache in tennessee?

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I've got some email waiting for Jeremy about this cache (and several others in the area) but I haven't heard a response.


LOS001 is one of the abandoned caches in Memphis, and I'm trying to clean them up.


Jeremy, help! Have you gotten my mail?



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I spoke to RCosgrove at the picnic, and he said he found it easily in mid-May.


I may try one more time before the Poison Ivy dies back fall... With that "No Trespassing" sign that has appeared just off the boardwalk, though, it may be time for archiving.


If it does get archived, I'll place an LPS001 Memorial Microcache near the point you'd have to leave the boardwalk to find the original. The kids & I bike to that park frequently (it's only a mile from home, not 25).


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