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Guest Eoghan
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Guest Eoghan

Texas Parks and Wildlife is holding their annual Wildlife Expo at their HQ on Smith School Road in Austin, TX this weekend, Oct. 6th and 7th. Among the activities scheduled is a GPS Challenge.

I know that Tom Lane has spoken with people at TPWD about geocaching and has gotten a pretty good reception to the idea but I didn't know if anyone else had any contact with Park officials. It seems likely that geocaching will come up and Expo seems like the perfect opportunity to let both the Park officials and the public know more about geocaching, and potentially dispel myths or misinformation that might come up.


So....is anyone planning on being there? (I'll be out of town or I'd try to go put in a good word, and try win one of the new Garmins that they're giving away!!)

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Guest T-storm

Sounds interesting! I can't be there, but I hope some geocachers turn out and talk it up with some of the TPWD folks. Nothing like making good contacts. And from efforts to get rules and laws in place that allow for and protect pet ferrets, I can tell you there's nothing like having a written rule or policy from the state office of a department and contacts in the department willing to reiterate such rules to smooth things at the local level. I hope this is a good indicator in getting our sport/hobby/activity smiled upon by the Texas parks system!



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