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I assume others have noted that gsak.net server is, at least at the moment, down, and is producing 503 errors.

Don't know where Clyde was hosting it, but given the situation there at present, it's a bit concerning.

Anyone have the scoop on what's up with the site?

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1 hour ago, speakers-corner said:

The site is up and running again

Where can I find GSAK to install on a new computer?

I have used GSAK for several years. Bit my problem is that computer just crashed and I can not get anything form it.

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Interesting.  http generates a 503 error and no redirect to https. 

https works just fine.


I was sure that at one time, you could just type the simple url "gsak.net" (which for most browsers implies http) into the url bar and it would redirect to https:/gsak.net.

Doesn't do that now.




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