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Cachers in/around the Western NC area......


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How far west in NC are we talking about? A group of us usually go out every weekend or two for some geocaches and wouldn't mind showing you the ropes. Also check for a local geocaching club (they are a great way to pick up pointers). If you are in Mecklenburg or a surrounding county, a meeting is going to take place on June 20 in Huntersville. Welcome to Geocaching!

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I know exactly where you are at then! Unfortunately, that is a pretty hefty drive for me, so unless I come up that way I probably won't be of much help. There are plenty of other cachers up that way though, and reading the forums and reading posts of caches should give you a lot of pointers. Also, just getting out and playing with the GPSr before setting off to find your first cache helps ALOT! That is how I learned and each time you go out, you learn something new. One more piece of advice too is to start with one star difficulty caches until you get comfortable with your unit. Hope this helps you a little!

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Hi. I used to live on a side road off of Old Settlement Rd. called Bismarck Loop. I know exactly where you are talking about. I've caught and released my share of Knotty Heads out of the Tuckasegee River. I live in Anderson, SC, now and have been geocaching since this past Spring. I'm far from an expert and still learning this game/sport/hobby. If you're interested in hooking up with my friend Snook and I on some cache hunts along the SC/NC border, e-mail me by clicking on my geocaching profile. We did a cache the other week near Whitewater Falls on the Foothills Trail. We usually go every other weekend and some days during the week when our work schedules permit. This coming Saturday (6-22-02) is a cache weekend. Rock on, Jackson County!

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