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Advice needed: I've been selected to hold 20th anniv. special event

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I feel blessed and lucky enough to say, I've been chosen to create one of the 20th anniversary events.  I came to the forum to see if anyone has starting to talk about them only to not find much info.  So I'll start by saying, I am seeking a little help and guidance on how to pull off a special event like this.  I have previously hosted and held events in 4 different states, including my home state of Ohio.  The event I will schedule to celebrate this 20th anniv. will take place and be held here in Ohio.  Outside of that, tips, ideas and the like on how to make this special for my area would be appreciated.  I go by the name Corn-fed and live in the center of that state approx 30 minutes from Columbus.

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I'm in the same boat, trying to come up with ideas for mine. 

A few ideas that have floated thru the brain (not all are 'good') are:

A terrain 5 event on top of Mt Rainier (but it would pretty lonely up there, besides I swore never to go up again with out a great reason and I'm not sure this qualifies)

A picnic/potluck at a park shelter (it can rain any day around here, so the shelter is a requirement)

A "Strut your Stuff" event - people bring/show skills/talents they have outside of geocaching (I'm a magician)


One idea you might think about:  Flashback to GeoWoodstock - a reunion at the site of the Columbus* GW (hmm, I might look into the Carnation GW site...)


*ETA:  I just realized GW was in Cinicinnati, sorry!

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