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Cache name stamp

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We just went to Staples for our first one, but later had a more "custom" one done by the same people who made our letterbox stamps.

Any local stamp shops in your area will work on one.   Michaels is a good bet too.  

Rubberstampchamp.com has those little mouse stamps that have a lanyard, and we know some who use rubberstampwarehouse.com for x-stamps.

We stopped using them when logs got tiny. YMMV.

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On 2/3/2020 at 6:25 AM, tvking6789 said:

Where, or which site, is best to get a stamp of our geocache name?


A few logs I’ve found have a small stamp of cachers names. It would be highly convenient to have this and easier when logging on a nano log.


thx in advance


 I have seen them on logs and thought of getting a stamp, they are so confident, but in some logs they took up three spaces because you also have to write in the date.  I wonder if a tiny stamp can be ordered. Good luck! 

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34 minutes ago, Max and 99 said:

My stamp can be used on all logs except nanos! For those I use initials or abbreviation.

Yep.    :)

We wouldn't even use them for bisons because the stamp was overlapping a space.  Now we're seeing tiny logs in many "small" caches too.

We've noticed some folks run their stamp along nano logs lengthwise, but some have said they've seen n used much larger nano logs than we have. 

We felt that the maintenance already needed for the tiny logs on that container type didn't mean we should be carefree about it, and just remove three or four spaces for our log.

Most we've found, there's barely room for a "C1", and it was easier to print that by hand.

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