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Additional reviewer for Eastern Europe


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Is there any way to make Groundspeak aware that there is an additional reviewer required for eastern Europe?

It's seems like there is only one person available for my area (Romania) and I think the person is overwhelmed with requests.

There are a lot of geocaches that are missing or requiring maintenance and for which the CO doesn't seem to be around anymore. Some are getting reviewed but a lot of them just stay listed, even with multiple DNFs for a period of 2 years or more.

This is quite frustrating when going out for a trip as you think you're going to an area with lots of caches but end up getting DNF after DNF.

Also I want to put some new caches, the last cache I submitted is still not reviewed after 9 days, but a lot of good places are not available because there is a missing cache listed in that area.

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I just ran a CHS query for the last 30 days for your home area (based on your Finds and cache that you own), and came up with 17 Listings that have fallen below the CHS threshold, which doesn't sound too bad actually.  In comparison, Oregon, in the United States, which is roughly the same size, has 60 Listings below the threshold (albeit, there are probably many more caches in the birthplace of Geocaching, than in your area), which is pretty typical for a relatively saturated Reviewing Territory like that.


I would recommend, like RA mentioned above, to start utilizing the tools you have at your disposal and start posting some NA log types to alert the local Reviewer when you encounter these neglected Listings.  Just glancing at the Review Queue, there's only half a dozen Listings waiting for Review in your area, so I can't really say there's much of a backlog of things to be done.

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I thought that too many DNFs would alert the reviewer, but if it doesn't then i'll start with reporting them all as NA.

Comparing Oregon to Romania doesn't really add up, the geocaching community is a lot smaller here.


Still my original question remains, is there a way to get an additional reviewer for the area? If there is only half a dozen of listings waiting for review and it isn't done in 2 months then that probably means the reviewer is busy, so it wouldn't be bad if there are 2 people covering an area.

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On 1/30/2020 at 9:07 AM, RuideAlmeida said:


Geocaching HQ and the reviewing team will evaluate the need... they have dedicated forums where all the discussion is held.


It seems to me that snelstim is expressing a need.    I assume that those dedicated forums are only open to lackeys and reviewers.  How is someone supposed to know if the need is being evaluated.  

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