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Final Journal doesn't automatically display


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I did some searching but didn't find anyone reporting what seems an basic bug with Adventure Labs.


I have a 5 location Adventure, and I use the Journal to give information to the player.   Immediately after completing locations 1-4, the button "show journal" pops up, and they select that and see the Journal. Good.


But not with location 5.  After giving the correct answer, the player gets congratulated for completing the Adventure, then it ends.


I have a "bonus" geocache which requires information in Journal 5.   The Journal is still there, and the player can access it after the Adventure has ended.  But it would be a much nicer experience if the journal came up automatically like it does for Locations 1-4.


I was talking to another Adventure Lab owner at an event last night, and he has the same issue with his.


Does anyone know if this is a known issue. or if not how I can report it?

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I have to confirm this report. I beta tested an adventure a few weeks ago and I missed journal 5 despite the fact that I knew there should be one. It's only when I was back home that I remembered to have a look. This is something that should be better handled by the ALC app. Before this is done, ALC creators have to find a way to let it know to the players at the right time.

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18 minutes ago, mr.jonesy said:

I can confirm this slightly annoying feature as I fell foul of it when creating mine, had to juggle around my journal entries to ensure folk saw what I wanted to originally say in the final location as my testers were not seeing it , mine now run like this.

Journal 1 - Complete this adventure to find bonus cache GCXXXX

Journal 2 - First clue for bonus = ABC

Journal 3 - Second clue for bonus = EFG

Journal 4 - Hint for helping find the bonus

Journal 5 - Generic 'well done' message that no one will bother reading :D


Original plan was to have 2/3/4 to be 'clues' and 5 to be the finding hint


That is a good solution/workaround.


In mine, the way I've done the "story", is you get information from 1-4, and then take it to 5 where you answer a question based on what you learned on 1-4.   I would have to make major changes to avoid Journal 5.    


It's just had it's first find; the cacher found the information without trouble.   So I'll stick with what I've done.

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Good question, I'm not sure.   Mine uses sequential order, as does my friend who noticed the same issue.


I've only completed one myself as a player.   It didn't use sequential order, but the use of the journal on that one gave the same message for each location.    I can't remember if it showed me the journal for Location 5 or not, but as it didn't include any new information it didn't matter.

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About that congratulations screen, I'd find it very useful if we could have a final journal message too, not just journal messages after each stage. That final one could be used to sum all bonus codes, give the coördinates for the Bonus cache, or just add a customised finale or something like that.

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8 hours ago, PlantStrong said:

I tested my Adventure Labs series over the past two days and had other people testing it, too. NO ONE could get the Location Five Journal to show up upon completion of the location. Just the shower of stars, then back to a map or the intro page.


We were only able to access the final journal page by going back to the intro page, scrolling to the bottom, and tapping "View 5 Journal Entries". Then, we swiped it to the last journal page and there it was. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE.


Why won't it display automatically like the other four? The fifth one has the most important info, i.e., the coordinates for the BONUS cache.


Please assist. Thanks.

It may be "unacceptable" (even in all-caps) to you, but that's the way it is. Looking through the journal entries after completion to (re-)grab whatever information is needed for a bonus cache is standard operating procedure. Players quickly get used to it, I think ;) .

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2 hours ago, baer2006 said:

It may be "unacceptable" (even in all-caps) to you, but that's the way it is. Looking through the journal entries after completion to (re-)grab whatever information is needed for a bonus cache is standard operating procedure. Players quickly get used to it, I think ;) .

Thank you for your thoughtful and helpful response,

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