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Map Fails to display Premium Caches for Charter Members

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When I select the map to view caches it does not show premium member caches for me, as a charter member but I've had premium members who are not charter members view the map and it shows them the premium caches. Typically I start with the map from my home address and move the map to search other areas and I don't see premium caches displayed on the map with out conducting both a Search Geocaches and a Browse Geogaches search. This also impacts me  when I select "View Larger Map" from a premium cache. I've provided two screen shots, one shows what I see when I click Search Geocaches and the other shows Browse Geocaches. When I'm scrolling around the map and looking at caches the premium caches do not appear on the map unless I do both searches.

Premium Caches on List.JPG

Premium Caches on map.JPG

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