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Exacto blade box Cache design idea!

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Hey folx!


Thought I would share this cache idea I'm working on.


I work as a carpenter, and noticed my work throws out a LOT of plastic containers.  I decided to take a bunch of empty Olfa exacto blade boxes and convert them into caches.  I like the idea of reusing materials rather than buying new plastic items to make caches, but rather items that would otherwise be in the garbage and reuse them.


I took the boxes and spray painted them, put a medium size Ziploc in the container and its fits perfectly!


Then I use a simple carabiners attached to the too and voila!  Now can hang these from trees, fences and posts!


Hope this inspires!








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16 hours ago, niraD said:

How weatherproof are these containers?

As you can see the containers are plastic... And the lid overlaps quite substantially... But the case itself has a small hole in the bottom to drain out an liquid that potentially gets inside.


I'd say it's as water proof as most containers... Which is why most caches regardless of how waterproof they are, still Ziploc the log book.

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17 hours ago, niraD said:

How weatherproof are these containers?


The boxes are not weatherproof.  Everything inside can get soaked.  Ziplock bags work only for a short while, and then everything gets soaked. :cute:


I've seen these containers work pretty well in protected areas such as old phone booths or other cubby holes out of the rain, pretty much where you might place a magnetic key box, but slightly roomier.  The real advantage is the container is super easy to open and close, and half of it may be secured to an object.  It already has the look of a piece of urban structure that Muggles might ignore, plus you can cover it with various creative camo without affecting ease of opening and closing.


Also look at drill bit boxes.  Similar to the durability of pill bottles, these kinds of things are temporary and break or wear out, but for people that use the contained items, these are free containers that you may have extras of.  :)



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