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Garmen or Magellan


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I just picked up the Magellen Gold series and am very satisfied so far. A couple of notes.... if you get the TOPO cd it includes streets and you won't need the STREETS cd. I would also get the 64mb SD card as you will need it if you want to load a whole state at once.


A friend has the Garmin and is happy with it too. Both have simular features but the Garmin Streets includes rest stops and exits.

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I have had the Magellan Sport Trak Pro for about a month and it is great. Normally gets me within a few feet of a cache and has lots of options. You may want the Topo CD to load roads and stuff, and I'd probably get the one with a little less memory if I were to do it again (I think it's Sport Trak Map?) Reception, even in heavy tree cover is amazing, and battery life is good too. The only negative is their software is the only thing compatable with thier hardware, so lots of software won't load into their GPS.

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I gotta get my vote in for the Garmin Map 76s. I've tried them all and this is the best and easiest to use yet. I put lithium batteries in and I have over 28 hours on this set. I wouldn't trade it for anything. The accuracy is amazing.




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