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Cross Country Ski Trailheads in Trouble

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20 hours ago, RakeInTheCache said:

My waymark was eventually approved by wayfrog which I am thankful for but it is truly a pity that more can't be done to save these abandoned categories.


You are now an officer, you can call a vote to add a new officer. If you vote, it's enough and after three days you can free the result. So there is much to do!

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Cross Country Ski Trailheads


RakeInTheCache, Are you the only active officer?


If you need assistance, I will join the group. To promote me to officer you will need to initiate a vote to promote.

On 2/16/2020 at 1:37 PM, RakeInTheCache said:

it is truly a pity that more can't be done to save these abandoned categories.


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2 hours ago, RakeInTheCache said:

Sorry, , just realized that I have become an officer.  I initiated a vote to demote the oldest inactive officer.  This is the first time I've done this so let's see how it works and get the officer list down to 3 before adding new officers.  


Okay, the vote will take three days to demote an officer. It actually takes just one vote. Be sure that you vote.

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