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Wah Wah Stash in Winter


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I've looked through all the found logs on Wah Wah Stash (GCA8) and it seems no one finds it between November and March.  Is it possible to find this cache in Mid-January without an additional 3 mile hike in snowshoes?  Or is it totally dependent on how bad the winter is and how much snowfall has accumulated?  Any locals have insight?

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Wow ... No.

The area is high mountain desert. Which means snow on the ground in the winter.  There will be mud as well. You are remote, very remote. The closest people are a ranch over the hill  30ish miles away, with no cell service anywhere.  

People  die out in this area, and in Nevada over the border yearly by getting off road stuck, and never finding help, or having another car or truck drive by. Then sub zero temps.

I am not saying it could not be done, but any rain or snow melt turns the main road into a mud hole.  There is a potion where that is where the water runs to the road and stops.  There realy is no outflow from the valley, so it pools near the road.

There are roads to the west, 4 wheel drive or ATV roads that would avoid that, but I don't know the condition at all.

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On 1/5/2020 at 1:22 PM, BethDaddyKaty said:

If you are having to ask the question then IMO no. As others have said remote snow exploration is dangerous. Only you know your capabilities. Deciding you are capable because of a forum or messages would be insane.


I am asking the question, and specifically asked for help from locals, because I do not live near the area, but will be travelling nearby.  I can speak to many places in Colorado in the dead of winter that caches would be available.  And if someone asked my opinion about the local area, I would give them an honest answer. Not just brush them off and say, "if you have to ask, you can't find it".  So thanks for your opinion from across the pond, but it doesn't seem relevant.  I am not deciding whether I am capable, I was merely asking about winter and road conditions in the area.  Can you determine conditions from a topo map?  I can't, which is why I asked.  I am very familiar with remote desert locations.


Blue Rajah - Thanks for the helpful info.  Hwy 21 was the exact road out of Milford that I would be planning on, all the way to Pine Valley Road.  Sounds like I'll have to save this one until summer as I won't be hauling my ATV or snowmobile on this particular trip.  Hopefully, the high desert, unplowed road, storms don't stop me between Salina and St. George.;)


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