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Give us the option to make our profile pages premium member only, please.

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In order to view a cacher's profile, you have to register. However, there are no checks on the intentions of someone who registers.


In case anyone is wondering, this was prompted by a nasty message sent to us my someone who registered yesterday. I  have no idea who this person is and I am not happy with just everyone being able to view our stuff and we have deleted all information for the time being.


Perhaps making the gallery premium member only as well would be a good idea.







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1 hour ago, cerberus1 said:

Agree with niraD, contact HQ ("contact us" at the bottom of this thread) with your issue.

As most know with how caches are left by PMs as well as basic members, paying money doesn't make anyone more responsible.    :)


I think you're missing the point.

It's more of a privacy issue really.


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19 minutes ago, Delta68 said:

There would be no point in doing so either.

I disagree.

If this person signed up and randomly selected you, and potentially others, to send nasty messages to then HQ can disable the account and prevent them harassing others.


If this person signed up and targeted you specifically to send a nasty message, then there's a good chance that it's an established cacher who created a sock puppet account for the purpose of sending you messages, if so then HQ may be able to associate the sock account with their normal account and close both  down for breach of the TOU.



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4 hours ago, Delta68 said:

I think you're missing the point.

It's more of a privacy issue really.


When I log out and try and look at your Profile, I get the following message.  That seems like adequate privacy for my purposes.  To further segregate this sort of issue to the level of PM, seems a bit much in my opinion.   The User that sent you the "nasty message" has possibly violated  the TOU that they agreed to follow when they registered.   Rather than upending the system to satisfy this perceived risk, it sounds easier to report them to HQ as people suggest, block them in the Message Center if that was the means they used to transmit this "nasty message", or ignore them.


The subject of a private image gallery has come up once or twice before, and it seems by the lack of response from HQ on the subject that the solution is to not download images that you wouldn't want the entire world to see, and to keep them private in the first place.


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I agree that current privacy is sufficient for the posted situation... but, completely separate, it might be a nice bonus feature for PM users to allow them to lock down their profile content as Premium Only, like being able to publish PMO caches.  Just on its own merit, I kind of like the idea of giving PMs that option if they desire.

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Similar to Touchtone, we see folks ask about things like this, usually in an "ex now stalking" type situation.

When "privacy issues" comes up, often a "don't post it then" is the common answer.

I'd bet I'm not the only one who noticed people mentioning stuff, to find they had their stats "hidden" from public view.

 - "Privacy" also affords the bullies and fibbers an easy out...

One person hassling another should be directed to HQ.

The entire system shouldn't be restructured because one person was a pain-in-the-can.

 - But this might all change now that we're all so sensitive that we need big government to step in to protect us from ourselves... 

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