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Mapping changes yet again?

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Have had OS mapping working on geocahing.com for some time now...... but today for some reason the small map on an individual cache page does not allow any options for display other than Open Street Map?

When selecting View Larger Map the full OS map is displayed OK...


So why has the small map options changed and why is there no otion to change it from OpenStreet Map to anything else including OS Maps which it had before today?


The mind boggles at how these changes get made without full and proper testing...... its not the first time this has happened is it?

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To judge from other threads, Groundspeak is making changes to the internal code of cache pages, possibly related to some new government regulation taking effect tomorrow.  (!!!)


You're using some 3rd-party code to tweak the cache page to show OS maps, something GS can't be expected to make effort to support, because it's not part of their offering.


Any add-in scripts to enhance a site will have the same problem.  The scripts rely on a certain structure of the page, and the author of the page (GS) can change the structure at will.  Like today.

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The small map on the cache page, just above the logs?  There are no options there on a standard cache page, so any you'd seen must've been created by a 3rd-party script.


Authors of those scripts have to scramble when the host makes changes.  By their nature - modifying someone else's code - they're brittle, very sensitive to changes in the host.  Apparently yours broke.


Sorry, you're complaining in the wrong direction.


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