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Ready for 2020?

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Yes, we know it's still 2019, but that hasn't stopped us from getting ready for next year. 
We've already got our CDF campfire permit, available on-line after you watch a video and take a short quiz.  You need one of these permits anytime you are going to have a fire outside your house--including a camp stove on a backpacking trip. 
And a fishing license is now on its way as well, direct from the California Wildlife website. (Be a little careful here, as there is an ad for CA fishing licenses at the top of most Google searches.  That's a private company that charges a few dollars more...)
And yes, we're also working on campground and backpacking reservations for a couple of our trips this summer. 
So not only are we prepared--we're really getting excited about our hiking plans for 2020!

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Got my lifetime hunting license a couple months ago, and will get lifetime fishing next month.  We multitask...   :)

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On ‎12‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 4:06 PM, cerberus1 said:

Got my lifetime hunting license a couple months ago, and will get lifetime fishing next month.  We multitask...   :)


Got my lifetime fishing license today.    :)

Unlike my parents who were grandfathered in,  found that after 2015, folks 65 and older now have to purchase a trout addition each year.

Still, prices go up I'm set...

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Thought I'd wait until it's cold again, but the last coupla days of warm weather we've had mud (can't do anything outside anyway...).

Started checking dates on first aid supplies (covered in another thread), sewed some pockets, added some pockets (yeah, a guy can sew...  ;-) and touched up odds n ends.

Found that two knives weren't as sharp as I'd like.  Those darn kydex sheaths, maybe I'll look into some nice leather this year.

One of my hydration bladders looks like a science project inside, it's placement shows it was "borrowed" by the other 2/3rds at some point.

 - I had a fun moonlight walk without light because of "borrowed " batteries once too.  Snow helped a bit retracing steps...   


I'll just ETA rather than create new posts...

1/13 - CVS had a bogo on batteries (reminded from the last post ).    :)

Left the sharpening stuff out and touched up my custom-length SMC capra.  Now if we ever do get some snow n ice...

Found the snowscopic needs a new lock.

Gave the crampons a touch, and used bluing stick after 3m padding a tiny rust spot.

No ice for crampons last year, this one I haven't even taken the fishing Korkers out yet.

2/6 - Got my stormtech backpack from marlboro today. Now I have a pack only for one of the etriers, some rope, and a couple carabiners for tree hides.  The old leather marlboro pack can hang on a wall.


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