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Need a TB retrieved from an archived Cache

Confucius' Cat

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My TB "True Love" was recently placed in the cache- Last Minut Maison Cache


Since the TB was placed there, the cache has been archived, leaving my TB "dead in the water".


The owner wrote that he does not plan on visiting the area again and said anyone was free to retrieve the cache.


Apparently the cache can still be found, but has been archived, basically, because it is on private land and the owners of the land did not give permission.


It seems, from the previous logs, that the owners are willing to let people find it without hassling them about trespass. Two logs indicate that an employee would help find the cache.


Can anyone help by retrieving this cache or at least by moving "true love" to an active cache?


Caint never did nothing.

GDAE, Dave

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I'll go by and retrieve it next time I'm in town...if I go back. I work there when I'm needed on the customer's site, but I live in Georgia so I may not get back anytime soon. And I also now see that it's been moved so it'd be a total new find for me as well.


You might try sending an email to one of the later finders that seem like they live in the area and ask them for some help since not everyone reads the boards.

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Thanks, Snake.

I already looked over the latest posts and the person that placed my bug there is the only one who I don't know for sure wher he lives. All the others are way out. I have emailed the one unknown player.


I also considered calling the hotel, since it looks like they know about the cache, but I don't know if that's the best thing to do. I plotted the coords on Street Atlas and got the hotel's information.


I would appreciate your effort to move my tb along. I don't suppose it will be going anywhere, so whenever you can is OK. Don't make a special trip out of town for it.




Caint never did nothing.

GDAE, Dave

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Does this one still need to be retrieved? It's not *too* far from me, since I live in Baton Rouge, and I'd be willing to give it a go if need be. Seeing as it's been a while, I might be unsuccessful, but I'd be willing to give it a whirl.


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