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3,2,1 souvenir

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I am a little confused about how you qualify for this souvenir - though it says 2 different days a week for 3 weeks - it also says any 6 different days during the 3 week period 

So I have now cached on more than 6 different days since 11th December yet I have not received the souvenir 

Is this because it does in fact have to be 2 days a week for the 3 different weeks 



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I was also confused by this, someone mentioned you only needed six finds in this three week period in an online group a few days ago....which confused me earlier today as I found a bit more than six since the 11th. Turns out I have found caches on 5 days  now since the 11th, so tomorrow's adventure will be a my ticket to this souvenir (not that I really care about this souvenir....but it's nice to get in it's own way).

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