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finding caches by a certain cacher

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If you know the username, do a Search for caches they owned by Username ("Hidden by") ("Found status")  Found.


 Here's the URL of a search by me for caches by owner FloridaPanther that I have found

I see 23 caches, you'd see zero, most likely




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22 minutes ago, DerDiedler said:

72 duplicate find logs on GC45CC

This was the ‘Ye Ole Survey Monuments’ travelling virtual cache.  Designed to be found multiple times as it moved around the UK.


22 minutes ago, DerDiedler said:

19 owned caches you´ve miraculously found 


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 You can find out which of your owned caches you've logged by using Search


Start with the obvious, you've hosted 12 events, and likely logged them as found/attended

That leaves 7 others, possibly adopted.


I've got 34 finds on caches I own.  21 of 22 events that hosted logged as found/attended (I didn't attend a CITO of my own, medical emergency) and the rest are caches I found and later adopted.

Like you, I've multiple finds on some caches - none of them, "duplicate", but rather unique finds of different things as the caches themselves (mostly Locationless, but some other moving) shifted.



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15 minutes ago, Isonzo Karst said:

Start with the obvious, you've hosted 12 events, and likely logged them as found/attended

Events are not counted by the "find bad logs" tool in Project-GC.

At least no owned events.

I hosted 28 events so far and attented 27 of them (yea, I know, should be 100% according to guidelines, but things happen). Bot only 1 cache comes up with finds on owned caches. And this cache I´ve found prior to adoption. So yes, adoption is the only way one can acquire a "legit" find on owned caches (in my oppinion).


@bones1 you may check your self using this link:


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