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OpenLayers Benchmark Viewer

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Hi all, still lurking around from time to to time, but definitely not as active searching for marks as I used to be.  There have been a lot of changes recently with the Google Maps API.  I've had to make a Google Cloud account and register for the resources being used on the Scaredycatfilms Benchmark Viewer.  My usage is really light, and with a monthly $200 credit it does not seem like I will need to pay for using the API any time soon (current monthly usage averages around $11 a month).


That being said, I came across a Google Maps API alternative called OpenLayers, and I took the opportunity of some time off this Thanksgiving holiday weekend to code up a mirror benchmark viewer using the OpenLayers API.  It wasn't too hard to do, and fun to learn the ins and outs of a new API.  At a minimum, it is kind of fun to search around using a different tile set.  So, here is a mirror OpenLayers Benchmark Viewer, that was built using the OpenLayers API.  At worst, if Google changes their API usage terms, or the site gets too popular (:lol:), there is an alternative site ready to go.

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I know Google's been upending everything - certainly looks like a good workaround if necessary. I've  also been seeing topo layers disappearing on other sites - have you had any issues there?


PS - thanks for keeping the viewer up - I always check things out before visiting new areas!

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