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Search option to search for only Favorite Category waymarks

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I have a suggestion that I hope someone can help with. I'm trying to filter my waymark list so it only shows waymarks from my favorite categories. I've identified approx. 100 categories as favorites. I expected to see a "Favorite Waymarks" as an option when searching for waymarks under the "Search the following types of waymarks:". It seem like a perfect fit for taking advantage of the favorite categories.

Any help you can provide would be greatly appreciated.



Favorite Waymarks.jpg

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Yes, I agree, that such a feature would be helpful, but it would also be able to "kill" the servers. You have to consider, that people might combine all the options they have. The current options under "Search the following types of waymarks" are all more or less a yes/no decision (Featured? Yes or no. My waymark? Yes or no...), but if you would add "Favorite categories", it would mean that every potential search result (= waymark) has also to be checked for 100 or more categories. Helpful, but a CPU killer IMHO. 


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