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Navigate to cache via TomTomGo app

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Right now people are able to navigate to a cache with the help of Apple Maps or Google Maps.

It would be nice to be able to add other SatNav apps to the standard list.


Recently TomTom added URL-scheme support so other apps can navigate to any GeoLocation provided. The same way as how the Geocaching app works with Apple Maps and Google Maps.

I found this topic on a TomTom Forum.

The approach would be very simple, I think. I think you can store links in the app storage and give them a Label or Name. The link should have placeholders where the latitude / longitude information should go.


Right now there it could be something like this:

Label : Apple Maps

Actual URI : http://maps.apple.com/?ll=50.894967,4.341626

URL with placeholder: http://maps.apple.com/?ll=%lat%,%long%


Label : Google Maps
Actual URI : comgooglemapsurl://www.google.com/maps/@42.585444,13.007813,10z

URL with placeholder: comgooglemapsurl://www.google.com/maps/@%lat%,%long%,10z


This way custom URIs can be added.

Label : Tom Tom Go

Actual URI : tomtomgo://x-callback-url/navigate?destination=52.371183,4.892504

URL with placeholder : tomtomgo://x-callback-url/navigate?destination=%lat%,%long%


The GC app should store the Label and URL with placeholders. And when the user wants to navigate to a cache it should show the list with labels and use the replace the placeholders for that label: %lat% with the decimal latitude value and %long% with the decimal longitude value.



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