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Geocachers in Charlotte, NC area?

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Hello All -


As a "newbie" - I'm interested in finding organized (or disorganized!) groups/clubs in the Charlotte, NC area or anywhere in NC.


Would appreciate contact names and any upcoming activities. Thanks for the support and look forward to crossing paths with many of you soon.


Happy Hunting!



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There's an excellent group of cachers just up I-85 from you around G'Boro/W-S/HP. I've been in the area on business the past several weeks and several of the local cachers have reached out to me as a "visiting cacher" and I've made some great new friends there.


Oh, and of course the caching in the area is excellent...lots of great locations and caches of varying difficulty, so you can get your feet wet (literally!) on easier caches and work your way up.


Look up "honeychile" via her profile (http://www.geocaching.com/profile/default.asp?A=52813) and drop her a line...she's one of the local "caching ambassadors" in the area.


Haven't done any caching in the Charlotte area yet, but I hope this is helpful...


-Dave R., frequent NC visitor

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Originally posted by NCLandRover:

As a "newbie" - I'm interested in finding organized (or disorganized!) groups/clubs in the Charlotte, NC area or anywhere in NC.


I'm part of the Triad Geocachers group that drat19 mentioned, but I believe that there is an active group of cachers in the Charlotte area.


Check with Botrytisfree and Erwinia (long-time members and very active cachers), and/or adventuretom, who has periodic GeoCaching Carolinas-Char/Meck Meetings.


I have enjoyed finding B&E's and Tom's excellent caches in Charlotte, on day trips from Winston-Salem.





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Caching group in Charlotte??? You betcha!


We had been meeting once a month at a local restaurant, but we've been slack about it recently. Also check the threads for the passing of one of own, Pizzaman.


There are several active members in Charlotte, however, most have found just about everything in this area.


Keep checking the main event website for upcoming events. You can also sign up for the Yahoo group that gives updates on upcoming events in Charlotte.


Check out:

Geocaching Carolinas

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