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Geosphere death knell.

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The day has arrived. For any stragglers still clinging to Geosphere on iOS 10 and earlier, non-64-bit iDevices, like myself on my old 6S+, the official Geosphere forum and website has gone offline. Long ago the app was made no longer available in the app store. And recently the API changes took Geosphere back to pre-Live API days since it wasn't updated alongside the changes.

I've been hanging on all this time, hoping that Mark would return, or do some form of update to let the app continue on 64-bit iOS, alas it seems that won't happen.

I've exported my entire database of geocaching history (which is a standard SQLite database) so I can reference all my notes and waypoints manually.


But with the official forum and homepage are now no longer accessible, there's no official way to communicate with other users or the developer who has simply gone AWOL.  It's quite unfortunate, but I suppose it was inevitable and just a matter of time.

(please don't turn this into a Geosphere-hate thread or "it's about time" sentiments, for anyone who never liked the app, heh, I'm just posting this as what seems like may be the last news update on the state of the app)


*hat tip for lasting all these years with relatively few updates and being one of the first and only amazingly flexible and stable geocaching apps in existence*


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The old podcasts app was the other thing keeping me pre-iOS 11 on the the old device. But without geosphere, I bit the bullet and I'm shifting my use to the podcasts app in ios 13, and I'm hoping I don't get super frustrated with it. :P  Geosphere and Podcasts were my two last anchors to 32-bit iOS.

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Check out Overcast for podcasts. It is free unless you want to pay or you want a couple of features that only a premium (paid) member has. I have a dozen or so podcasts I listen to and Overcast meets my needs perfectly. 

Is your attachment to GeoSphere more that you adjusted your workflow to how it worked and switching requires your workflow to possibly change? What are the top 1 or 2 features you can't find with an app like Cachly or others?

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Yep I've tried Overcast and a couple of others. I couldn't quite get the same experience as the old podcasts app. (and there were a lot of complaints about their updates to that app in iOS11)


As for GS, oh there are loads of differences. Part of it is workflow, part just mentality, but there are features that were around since its beginning that I vastly preferred. But it's way too late to talk about them now and I'm already changing my workflow habits. Other apps just developed from different directions and processes. It's not that I don't like any other app, right now it's just mainly that I have my entire caching career in there, and it's frustrating that there's been no way to easily transfer it, or just allow the app to work on 64-bit.  If Geosphere comes back, we'll see how it works. But it's unlikely. So I'm moving on.

As a side note, I also regularly experience that my 6S+ seems to be more accurate (precise/speed/something) than my 8+, but I haven't diagnosed whether it's the app, the hardware, or my case on the 8+ :P (mainly because it's insignificant enough a difference not to truly bug me or affect my caching) But yes now I'm pretty much caching all with Cachly, and a bit with the official app, and reworking my workflow to use the website more than the offline database as GS was so excellent at.

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