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JPG of TB won't upload.

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50 minutes ago, realityshownut(RSN) said:

It's on my PC hard drive. It is a standard .jpg file. It is 67.8 kb.  




I uploaded that to a couple of my TB pages, with no issue in IE, Edge and Chrome.  I re-named the file "FurryBall.jpg" before uploading, to more closely match what I'm guessing the actual file name is.  Lately I only have trouble if deleting a previously uploaded image.  That always results in "Error 500", yet the image is deleted fine (it's been like this for a while).  I notice that if I "Edit" an uploaded photo in Chrome, there's no photo displayed (or else it's taking an excessively long time to display, I didn't wait).  So there may be new errors that were introduced this week.


What is the actual file name?  Do you mind being more specific about which system you're using (Mac? PC?), and which browser?  Are you typing anything into the form before uploading?  If I knew the steps you used, I could try some ideas.


[EDIT]:  I searched for posts about the issue, and in every instance but one, the OP is evaporative.  That is, the one who asked the question never returns when it starts working (I can go look, and now there's an image online).  The one time where someone returned, they mentioned that the problem cleared up.  So the good news is, it may be temporary.  Wait a few days.  Post an update. :)



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